Frequently asked questions - How do we work?
Registration and professional account
How do I register?

To obtain your professional account and view the wholesale prices of the items, it is essential that you have an activity license or model 036/037 where it appears that you have a clothing store and we can verify that your commercial activity is "Retail trade of clothing and headdresses" To do this you must fill out the form in the New Registration section and follow the steps.

Why can't I see the prices?

The price only appears for users with an approved professional account.

What documents do I have to provide and how to send it?
  • For physical stores: Activity license or model 036/037 where it appears that they have a clothing store and we can verify that their commercial activity is "Retail trade of clothing and headgear"
  • For Ecommerce clients, a screenshot of the administration panel of the website and its corresponding URL.
  • For international clients, contact us via email or Whatsapp for more personalized attention.

***No document can be attached to the form. Once the request is sent we will contact you.

Purchases and shipping
Is there a minimum purchase?

To enjoy wholesale prices, the minimum purchase is 10 dresses in the first purchase and subsequently 10 dresses accumulated every 6 months, they can be different models, different sizes and colors. (Except Bandage and Tops) Once the first purchase is made, the customer account will be activated.

What shipping methods are available?

We work with Seur, GLS, Tipsa, Anda, Mosca and other companies. The cost of transportation depends on the volume and weight of the garments in each order, as a general rule they are:

  • €6+VAT for 3 items or less.
  • €10+VAT from 3 items weighing 25 kilos.
  • €39.95 for most European countries up to 25 kilos (Subject to change depending on the destination and the volume of the box).

They can also send your usual transportation to pick up prepared orders.

How long do orders take to prepare and arrive?

We try to get orders out as quickly as possible. As long as the transfer is paid into the account before 3:00 p.m., it would leave with the agreed transportation service on the same day.

Once sent, the transit time to the peninsula is usually 24-48 business hours.

Exchange and return policy

The purchased product can be exchanged if there is any factory defect or defect in the garment, communicated within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of purchase. Returns not available.

Payment Methods

We accept payments with VISA and MASTERCARD cards or remote card collection.

For shipments, payments are made by bank transfer.

How long does it take for the transfer to arrive?

National transfers usually arrive on the next business day and if the transfer is made from a La Caixa account, availability is immediate.